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How To Use FOMO To Your Advantage [TFC 107]

September 14, 2021

Have you ever felt envious that others are having it better than you? Do you doubt yourself, fearing you may be missing out on something? Do you wish that you could just follow whatever it is that others are doing so that you can become like them? If so, you may be having a case of FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Contrary to popular belief, FOMO is more common than you think and it may not be a bad thing after all! In TFC 107, we explore ways to leverage FOMO in your personal finance to your advantage!

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The Financial Coconut started out as a reaction to online fake gurus who are propagating over simplified get rich quick programs. A Podcast that grew out of a desire to share best practices regarding personal finance turned into a network of content championing this idea of “Creating a life you love, while managing your finances well”.

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