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Defend Yourself From These 3 Logical Fallacies In Personal Finance [TFC 106]

September 7, 2021

Digital ads on personal finance and investments are becoming more and more prevalent these days: the Instagram Stories that insert themselves in your feed, the ad pop-up whenever you visit a website, that 5 second YouTube ad that we cannot skip...

The messages behind these ads seem compelling and attractive (“Stocks do not give you high returns, so you should invest in property!”, “Cryptocurrency is too volatile, does that mean it will crash?”, “Sign up for this course and become a millionaire!”) but did you know that many of these are essentially logical fallacies and do not hold water? Listen to TFC 106 and learn how to recognise 3 of the common logical fallacies used in digital ads and become a more discerning content consumer!

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The Financial Coconut started out as a reaction to online fake gurus who are propagating over simplified get rich quick programs. A Podcast that grew out of a desire to share best practices regarding personal finance turned into a network of content championing this idea of “Creating a life you love, while managing your finances well”.

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