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How To Build A Rewarding Career Of Your Own [Chills 41 with Jeraldine Phneah]

October 21, 2021

In your opinion, what makes a good career? Is it one that promises financial independence or a career that allows you to have a balance between work & life? No matter what your personal preferences are, having a satisfying career is definitely important in the life of a working adult. What are some ways to determine if a job is the right fit for you? How do we build rapport with our colleagues and bosses, especially in the current trend of remote work? We invite blogger Jeraldine Phneah to share her career experiences and advice with us in this week’s Chills with TFC!

Here are some highlights:

03:14 Should I leave my job?

09:05 Jeraldine's thought process behind choosing a career and job? 

14:17 Building good working relationships while working remotely  

21:06 How to engage and approach someone who is introverted? 

22:52 Uncovering a company's culture through observation 

25:42 The biggest influence on culture comes from ____?

28:31 Managing upwards - a responsibility and a skill 

37:20 What are some steps you can take to find out what is important to you in a job? 

39:18 Using LinkedIn to find out a company's culture 

41:06 Following your passion? 

43:50 Identifying your values and how this will help you 

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Jeraldine has kindly offered some resources to help you in your career planning:
- Jeraldine's framework for how to figure out what you want in a job:

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