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Car Ownership Or Car-Sharing? The Breakdown [Chills 36 with GetGo]

September 16, 2021

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We see them on the streets everyday. Everyone wants one but only some get to own them. Cars - Did you know the cost of car ownership is not just Certificate Of Entitlement (COE), purchase price, fuel, and parking? Are you 100% sure you are ready for car ownership, or should you be owning a car in the first place?

In this week’s episode of Chills with TFC, together with the managing director and co-founder of GetGo, Toh Ting Feng, we dive deep into the breakdown of car ownership costs and if it’s gonna butter up your finances or make a hole in it by owning one. Join us as we also open discussions on the present and future states of transportation, locally and globally. Are you prepared for the upcoming change? Find out more from this episode!

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